This book is a planetarium and other extraordinary pop-up contraptions
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Anderson, Kelli

This book is a planetarium and other extraordinary pop-up contraptions

Abstract: Never has humble paper had such radical ambitions. Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools. Artist Kelli Anderson contributes enlightening text alongside each pop-up, explaining the scientific principles at play in her constructions and creating an interactive experience that's as educational as it is extraordinary. Inspiring awe that lasts long after the initial pop, This Book Is a Planetarium leaves readers of all ages with a renewed appreciation for the way things work-and for the enduring magic of books. This Book is a Planetarium is an interactive book for adults and kids that turns into: A working planetarium book projecting constellations on the ceilings and walls A musical instrument with strings to strum A geometric drawing generator An infinite calendar A message decoder A speaker that amplifies sound If you've enjoyed Matthew Reinhart's A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes and Robert Sabuda's Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up, then you'll love This Book is a Planetarium. This collection of cool popup fun makes for the perfect roommate gifts for girls and guys and falls under the following book categories: Adult Popup Books Pop Up Science Books Paper Toys Books

Titolo e contributi: This book is a planetarium and other extraordinary pop-up contraptions / by Kelli Anderson

Pubblicazione: [San Francisco] : Chronicle Books, 2017

Descrizione fisica: [10] p. : ill. ; 31 cm

EAN: 9781452136219


Lingua: Inglese (lingua del testo, colonna sonora, ecc.)

Paese: Stati Uniti d'America

Nomi: (Autore)



Dati generali (100)
  • Tipo di data: monografia edita in un solo anno
  • Data di pubblicazione: 2017
  • Target: elementari, età 6-10
Testi (105)
  • Genere: saggi
Forma del documento (106)
  • Forma del documento: libro animato pop-up

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