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Elliptic tales
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Ash, Avner - Gross, Robert

Elliptic tales : curves, counting and number theory / Avner Ash, Robert Gross

Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton university press, 2012

Abstract: Elliptic Tales describes the latest developments in number theory by looking at one of the most exciting unsolved problems in contemporary mathematics--the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture. The Clay Mathematics Institute is offering a prize of $1 million to anyone who can discover a general solution to the problem. The key to the conjecture lies in elliptic curves, which are cubic equations in two variables. These equations may appear simple, yet they arise from some very deep--and often very mystifying--mathematical ideas. Using only basic algebra and calculus while presenting numerous eye-opening examples, Ash and Gross make these ideas accessible to general readers, and, in the process, venture to the very frontiers of modern mathematics. Along the way, they give an informative and entertaining introduction to some of the most profoundmay appear simple, yet they arise from some very deep--and often very mystifying--mathematical ideas. Using only basic algebra and calculus while presenting numerous eye-opening examples, Ash and Gross make these ideas accessible to general readers, and, in the process, venture to the very frontiers of modern mathematics. Along the way, they give an informative and entertaining introduction to some of the most profound discoveries of the last three centuries in algebraic geometry, abstract algebra, and number theory. They demonstrate how mathematics grows more abstract to tackle ever more challenging problems, and how each new generation of mathematicians builds on the accomplishments of those who preceded them. Ash and Gross fully explain how the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture sheds light on the number theory of elliptic curves, and how it provides a beautiful and startling connection between two very different objects arising from an elliptic curve, one based on calculus, the other on algebra.

Cozy wool, appliqué pillows
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Angus, Elizabeth

Cozy wool, appliqué pillows / designs by Elizabeth Angus

Maumelle : Leisure arts, 2012

Abstract: This title features eight wool appliqued designs, which include 7 pillows and 1 oval box lid. Most designs have a rural and autumn motif. One pillow includes pink and taupe hearts, perfect for a Valentines gift. The designs include embroidery with a variety of fibers and ribbons. Full instructions, colour diagrams and patterns are included. All stitches are included in the general instructions. Designs are Ready for Harvest, Home of the Giant Pumpkin, Little Heart Farm (oval box), Pumpkin Valley, Sheep on a Hill, Sheep in the Meadow, Pumpkin Hill Road and Valentines. Two of the smaller pillows can double as a large pin cushion and instructions for making giant pins are included.

Breaking silence
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Castillo, Linda

Breaking silence / Linda Castillo

New York : Minotaur Books, 2012

Abstract: When Solly and Rachel Slabaugh, along with Solly's brother Abel, are found dead in a hog pit, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder investigates the gruesome scene. Once again teaming up with Agent John Tomasetti, Kate reveals that the death may not have been accidental, but one of the most horrific hate crimes ever to befall the Amish community of Painter's Creek.

The 100-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Jonasson, Jonas

The 100-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared / Jonas Jonasson ; translated from the Swedish by Rod Bradbury

New York : Hyperion, 2012

The cage
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Weiss, Gordon

The cage : the fight for Sri Lanka and the last days of the Tamil Tigers / Gordon Weiss

New York : Bellevue Literary Press, 2012

Abstract: In the closing days of the thirty-year Sri Lankan civil war, tens of thousands of civilians were killed, according to United Nations estimates, as government forces hemmed in the last remaining Tamil Tiger rebels on a tiny sand spit, dubbed "The Cage." Gordon Weiss, a journalist and UN spokesperson in Sri Lanka during the final years of the war, pulls back the curtain of government misinformation to tell the full story for the first time. Tracing the role of foreign influence as it converged with a history of radical Buddhism and ethnic conflict, The Cage is a harrowing portrait of an island paradise torn apart by war and the root causes and catastrophic consequences of a revolutionary uprising caught in the crossfire of international power jockeying.

The no. 1 ladies' detective agency
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Smith, Alexander McCall

The no. 1 ladies' detective agency / Alexander McCall Smith

New York : Anchor Books, 2012

Abstract: Meet Mma Ramotswe, the endearing, engaging, simply irresistible proprietress of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, the first and only detective agency in Botswana. With persistent observation, gentle intuition, and a keen desire to help people with the problems of their lives, she solves mysteries great and small for friends and strangers alike.

Voglio prenderti per mano
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Hood, Ann

Voglio prenderti per mano / Ann Hood ; traduzione di Annalisa Garavaglia

Milano : Fabbri Life, 2012

Abstract: È una bellissima bimba senza nome quella che Chun tiene tra le braccia. Ancora pochi istanti e dovrà separarsene, avvolgerla nel drappo di stoffa, posarla nella cesta di vimini e allontanarsi in fretta, senza cedere alla tentazione di voltarsi. Perché se il cielo ascolterà le sue preghiere, la porta dell'Istituto non tarderà ad aprirsi e una nuova vita, più bella e più facile, comincerà per la piccola lontano da qui. Dall'altra parte del mondo, in quello stesso momento, Maya Lange sta lavorando perché il sogno di Chun, e di tante altre come lei, possa avverarsi. È specializzata in speranza Maya, fondatrice e proprietaria di un'agenzia di adozioni: grazie a lei, il dolore di una madre si converte nella gioia di un'altra, un destino apparentemente segnato vira di colpo e le fila di vite fino a un attimo prima distanti si intrecciano a formare nuove, indissolubili trame d'amore. Sono più di quattrocento le bambine a cui Maya ha trovato, negli anni, una nuova famiglia, una casa. Di ciascuna lei conserva un ritratto, un ricordo. E nei momenti peggiori, quando le ansie, le paure e i dubbi degli aspiranti genitori minacciano di travolgerla, è sufficiente che Maya guardi i loro visi per ritrovare di colpo la forza di ascoltare, rassicurare, consolare. Perché il solo dolore che Maya abbia rinunciato a curare è quello che si porta dentro, irrimediabile come la perdita che lo ha causato. Ma il destino è un filo impossibile da spezzare, e Maya sta per scoprire chi c'è all'altro capo del suo.

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Clarke, Arthur C.

2001 : a Space Odyssey / Arthur C. Clarke ; based on a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke ; with a new introduction by the author

[S.l.] : Roc, 2012

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Abstract: The year is 2001, and cosmonauts uncover a mysterious monolith that has been buried on the Moon for at least three million years. To their astonishment, the monolith releases an equally mysterious pulse?a kind of signal?in the direction of Saturn after it is unearthed. Whether alarm or communication, the human race must know what the signal is?and who it was intended for. -- -- 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey II, have been adapted into films that still stand as classic examples of the genre. Without a doubt, Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most important voices in contemporary science fiction literature

Dirt Candy
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Cohen, Amanda - Dunlavey, Ryan

Dirt Candy : a cookbook : flavor-forward food from the upstart New York City vegetarian restaurant / Amanda Cohen & Ryan Dunlavey ; with Grady Hendrix

New York : Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2012

Cast on, bind off
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Bestor, Leslie Ann

Cast on, bind off : 54 step-by-step methods / Leslie Ann Bestor ; photography by John Polak

North Adams : Storey publishing, 2012

Abstract: The first complete step-by-step photographic guide and an essential reference for knitters of all styles and techniques, presented in an easy-reference, take-along format. A compilation of all the techniques for beginning and ending knitting projects, it offers a welcome surprise to many knitters who are not aware of the breadth of possibilities. Choosing the right cast on or bind off to fit the chosen yarn and stitch technique will add to the appeal of the finished knitting project. If you're still using the cast-on and bind-off methods you learned when you began knitting, it's time to explore new possibilities.

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Matevosyan, Naira M.

Caravaggio : the geometry of anger / Naira Roland Matevosyan

Stati Uniti d'America : [s.n.], 2012

Abstract: Of books about the oeuvre of Caravaggio, there are apparently no end. A mercurial artist, who lived less than 40 years, his legacy too, is one of the volatile extremes. For better or worse, his uneven biography is in itself a work of art. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio painted a notoriously provocative religious and classical tableaux, yet left few traces (no letters, no table talks, no treatise) of his life beyond his art. Painting with an intensity of realism never equaled before, Caravaggio`s impact was immediate, profound and everlasting. He transmuted a realism in a variety of ways, making it both the climax and golden age of European art. But his realism was too close to life, too real to comfort. Bound to appreciate the supernatural mastery of Caravaggio`s chiaroscuro of moral turpitude and death as the must, this book also evaluates the artist`s personal motifs and state of mind in freezing the ecstatic foreshortening on a two-dimensional plate. By doing so, this book employs geometrical reasoning of the golden ratio, gnomonic growth and descend. In other words, this is not a "coffee-table art-book." It lands us on a port named 'geometry of emotions,' to admire Caravaggio`s meta-theaters and experience a third-degree intimidation from his style of dynamic symmetry between life and death, astute and simpleton, dignity and humiliation. Illustrating 20 masterpieces of countless others, this book runs a 'geometrical diagnostics' on three paintings: "Cardsharps," "The fortune teller," and "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas." A few canvases of Flemish and Venice artists, presenting absolutely different styles - yet incorporating root 3 and 5 golden ratios (1.618) with square root (1.272...) ( "Jiovanni Arnolfini and His Bride" by Van Eyck and or "Cupid and Psyche" by Canova), are used as controls in building the theory. Further, Caravaggio`s exemplary canvases "The lute player," "Narcissus," and "The Beheading of Saint John," come to explain the artist`s ambitions in contrasting extremely realistic figures with extremely artificial background of brown and black that pushes his subjects closer to the spectator. Lastly, this book presents some events in Caravaggio`s turbulent life, including his apprenticeship, womanizing, his vision of Christianity, and demise.

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Ebert-Schifferer, Sybille

Caravaggio : the artist and his work / Sybille Ebert-Schifferer

Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2012

Caravaggio's cardsharps
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Langdon, Helen

Caravaggio's cardsharps : trickery and illusion / Helen Langdon

Fort Worth : Kimbell Art Museum ; New Haven : London : Yale University Press, 2012

New crewel
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Shaughnessy, Katherine

New crewel : the motif collection : more exquisite designs in modern embroidery / Katherine Shaughnessy

New York : Lark Crafts, 2012

Abstract: The author has whipped up a fresh menu of creative ideas, all in circular patterns, including 30 new designs, five new stitches, and ten inspirational projects. Just as with Katherine's first compilation, this includes photographs and color diagrams of each motif, along with how-to illustrations.

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Peretti, Frank

Illusion / Frank Peretti

New York [etc.] : Pocket books, 2012

The rise of Rome
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Everitt, Anthony

The rise of Rome : the making of the world's greatest empire / Anthony Everitt

New York : Random House, 2012

The song of Achilles
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Miller, Madeline

The song of Achilles / Madeline Miller

New York : Ecco, 2012

Falling Kingdoms
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Rhodes, Morgan

Falling Kingdoms / Morgan Rhodes

New York : Razorbill, 2012 (stampa 2014)

Abstract: "A fantasy about three kingdoms on the brink of war and the destiny of one princess"--Provided by publisher

The client
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Grisham, John

The client : a novel / John Grisham

New York : Dell, 2012

The art of war
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Sun Tzu

The art of war / Sun Tzu ; translation and commentary by Lionel Giles ; introduction by Jan Willem Honig ; supplementary material by Ilmari Kaihko

New York : Barnes & Noble, 2012