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Materiale linguistico moderno

Grisa, Maurizio

Ornica : un anno torrente / Maurizio Grisa

[Bergamo] : Lubrina, 20112

Abstract: Libro con fotografie stereoscopiche contemporanee, questo volume raccoglie oltre cinquanta immagini che hanno come protagoniste l'acqua e le rocce dei torrenti nei dintorni di Ornica, nelle Prealpi Orobie, in alta Valle Brembana. La paziente esplorazione dell'autore che oltre a essere un assiduo frequentatore di quei luoghi ne è anche profondamente innamorato, si sviluppa nello scorrere del tempo durante l'intero ciclo delle stagioni. Cercando l'espressione della bellezza interiore nella contemplazione della natura, con la sua visione estremamente personale e radicata nella libertà di viaggiare da soli, ci invita allo stupore, all'emozione di una conoscenza, alla consapevolezza di appartenere alla terra. Il volume completo di lenti per la visione in 3-D, ricrea nello spettatore l'illusione di essere dentro i luoghi che ha di fronte, in un rapporto intimo e profondo.

Doppia falsità
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Theobald, Lewis

Doppia falsità / William Shakespeare, John Fletcher ; nell'adattamento di Lewis Theobald ; a cura di Brean Hammond ; traduzione di Silvia Bigliazzi

[Milano] : Rizzoli, 2012

Abstract: Nel dicembre 1727 viene rappresentato per la prima volta un dramma dal titolo "Doppia falsità", "scritto originariamente da William Shakespeare". È l'inizio di un intrigante mistero letterario, durato quasi trecento anni, sulla paternità dell'opera: si tratta di un falso dell'impresario Lewis Theobald o è l'indizio di un caso molto più complicato, che ha a che fare con il "Don Chisciotte" e con l'incendio del Globe Theatre del 1599? La trama stessa è, del resto, basata su un inganno, anzi sul doppio inganno che coinvolge due coppie di amanti: tradimenti, colpi di scena e rivelazioni investono i protagonisti del fascino che sempre suscita l'ambiguità di vero e falso. Per la prima volta Brean Hammond, attraverso un decennale lavoro filologico, svela il mistero sulla paternità dell'opera, con un'edizione accolta nella prestigiosa collana "Arden Shakespeare" e ora finalmente disponibile per il lettore italiano.

Great expectations
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Clemen, Gina D. B.

Great expectations / Charles Dickens ; text adaptation and activities by Gina D. B. Clemen ; illustrated by Fabio Visintin

Genoa ; London : Black Cat, 2012

The signal and the noise
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Silver, Nate

The signal and the noise : why most predictions fail but some don't / Nate Silver

London : Allen Lane, 2012

Abstract: Every time we choose a route to work, decide whether to go on a second date, or set aside money for a rainy day, we are making a prediction about the future. Yet from the global financial crisis to 9/11 to the Fukushima disaster, we often fail to foresee hugely significant events. In "The Signal and the Noise", the "New York Times'" political forecaster and statistics guru Nate Silver explores the art of prediction, revealing how we can all build a better crystal ball. In his quest to distinguish the true signal from a universe of noisy data, Silver visits hundreds of expert forecasters, in fields ranging from the stock market to the poker table, from earthquakes to terrorism. What lies behind their success? And why do so many predictions still fail? By analysing the rare prescient forecasts, and applying a more quantitative lens to everyday life, Silver distils the essential lessons of prediction. We live in an increasingly data-driven world, but it is harder than ever to detect the true patterns amid the noise of information. In this dazzling insider's tour of the world of forecasting, Silver reveals how we can all develop better foresight in our everyday lives.

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Facchinetti Forlani, Luigi

Bergamo : Città Bassa : cosmografia di un luogo / Luigi Facchinetti Forlani ; parole e immagini di Luigi Facchinetti Forlani ; riflessioni a cura di Marco Belpoliti, Renato Ferlinghetti, Maurizio Rebuzzini

[Azzano San Paolo] : Bolis, 2012

Abstract: Questo volume fotografico testimonia il proseguimento del lungo percorso interiore dell'artista, attraverso un viaggio per le vie di Bergamo Città Bassa. Una nuova esperienza dello sguardo che, giorno dopo giorno, si è abituato a vedere attraverso i bisogni dell'anima. Sono nate così le immagini fotografiche e i pensieri che l.autore ha annotato scatto dopo scatto, adattando le parole alle emozioni delle immagini.

The lady of the rivers
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Gregory, Philippa

The lady of the rivers : the cousins' war / Philippa Gregory

London [etc.] : Simon & Schuster, 2012

Abstract: Jacquetta, daughter of the Count of Luxembourg and kinswoman to half the royalty of Europe, was married to the great Englishman John, Duke of Bedford, uncle to Henry VI. Widowed at the age of nineteen she took the extraordinary risk of marrying a gentleman of her household for love, and then carved out a life for herself as Queen Margaret of Anjou's close friend and a Lancaster supporter - until the day that her daughter Elizabeth Woodville fell in love and married the rival king Edward IV. Of all the little-known but important women of the period, her dramatic story is the most neglected. With her links to Melusina, and to the founder of the house of Luxembourg, together with her reputation for making magic, she is the most haunting of heroines.

King Arthur
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Milton, Jennifer

King Arthur : the knights of the round table and other famous stories / Jennifer Milton

Milano : Hoepli, 2012

The undercover economist
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Harford, Tim

The undercover economist / Tim Harford

2. ed. rev. e update

Oxford : Oxford University press, 2012

Abstract: With over one million copies sold, The Undercover Economist has been hailed worldwide as a fantastic guide to the fundamental principles of economics. An economist's version of The Way Things Work, this engaging volume is part Economics 101 and part expose of the economic principles lurking behind daily events, explaining everything from traffic jams to high coffee prices. This revised edition, newly updated to consider the banking crisis and economic turbulence of the last four years, is essential for anyone who has wondered why the gap between rich and poor nations is so great, or why they can't seem to find a decent second-hand car, or how to outwit Starbucks. Senior columnist for the Financial Times Tim Harford brings his experience and insight to bear as he ranges from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States to reveal how supermarkets, airlines, and coffee chains--to name just a few--are vacuuming money from our wallets. Harford punctures the myths surrounding some of today's biggest controversies, including the high cost of health-care; he reveals why certain environmental laws can put a smile on a landlord's face; and he explains why some industries can have high profits for innocent reasons, while in other industries something sinister is going on. Covering an array of economic concepts including scarce resources, market power, efficiency, price gouging, market failure, inside information, and game theory, Harford sheds light on how these forcesshape our day-to-day lives, often without our knowing it. Showing us the world through the eyes of an economist, Tim Harford reveals that everyday events are intricate games of negotiations, contests of strength, and battles of wits. Written with a light touch and sly wit, The Undercover Economist turns 'the dismal science' into a true delight

Death comes to Pemberley
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Materiale linguistico moderno

James, P. D.

Death comes to Pemberley / P. D. James

London : Faber and Faber, 2012

Abstract: It is 1803, six years since Elizabeth and Darcy embarked on their life together at Pemberley, Darcy's magnificent estate. Their peaceful, orderly world seems almost unassailable. Elizabeth has found her footing as the chatelaine of the great house. They have two fine sons, Fitzwilliam and Charles. Elizabeth's sister Jane and her husband, Bingley, live nearby; her father visits often; there is optimistic talk about the prospects of marriage for Darcy's sister Georgiana. And preparations are under way for their much-anticipated annual autumn ball. But now, Pemberley is thrown into chaos after Elizabeth Bennett's disgraced sister Lydia arrives and announces that her husband Wickham has been murdered

Believing the lie
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Materiale linguistico moderno

George, Elizabeth

Believing the lie / Elizabeth George

London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2012

Abstract: The coroner’s verdict is accidental death. Ian Cresswell slipped, hit his head and drowned in the boathouse – a tragic accident. Ian’s uncle, business magnate Bernard Fairclough, is not so sure. To put his mind at rest, he requests the discreet involvement of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, not for a formal investigation, but for a confidential review of the circumstances of his nephew’s demise. Still grieving for his murdered wife, Lynley has personal reasons for welcoming a spell away from London, and from his complicated relationship with Superintendent Isabelle Ardery. He heads to the wild beauty of the Lake District, with Deborah and Simon St James to provide cover for his enquiries.

Abbecedario città
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Materiale linguistico moderno

D'Ellena, Alessio

Abbecedario città : Roma / Alessio D'Ellena

Mantova : Corraini, 2012

Abstract: L’abbecedario città pensato da Alessio D’Ellena è una semplice selezione di punti di interesse, un elenco puntato (A, B, C, ecc...) di monumenti, zone, parchi, quartieri, edifici, o strade della città di Roma. L’idea nasce dal considerare tutti i luoghi che fanno di una città quello che è, e non solo le mete di vocazione turistica, distanziandosi così dai perscorsi delle guide tradizionali in cui spesso alcune cose vengono volutamente celate a favore di altre. Anzi, sono proprio i luoghi “marginali” i protagonisti di questo abecedatio: luoghi che contribuiscono alla formazione dell’humus territoriale che restituisce alla città stessa la sua identità e si mescolano alla facciata istituzionale restituendo il giusto sincretismo che ogni luogo reale possiede. Così capita che il monumento perda di valore rispetto all’edificio “brutalista” o che quest’ultimo lo acquisti al cospetto del monumento. Questo è il gioco che Alessio D’Ellena propone, in cui non è affatto detto che a Roma il Colosseo valga più della tangenziale. Tutto verte sulla questione di cosa debba essere inserito in una guida e cosa debba essere lasciato fuori, di cosa sia un monumento e cosa no. Non c’è un reale motivo per cui un monumento o un edificio stia nel libro, quello che conta davvero è che racconti la città. Il requisito minimo per cui si soddisfa questo requisito è che l’edifico faccia parte della città stessa. In fondo al libro un alfabeto rivela il nome dei luoghi corrispondenti alle lettere dell’alfabeto, posizionandoli geograficamente e fornendo curiosità in merito alla loro storia: poche righe per guidarvi in un nuovo e inaspettato tour di Roma!

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Haddon, Mark

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time / Mark Haddon

London : Vintage, 2012

Abstract: But that doesn't mean there isn't an answer to them'This is Christopher's murder mystery story. There are also no lies in this story because Christopher can't tell lies. When Christopher decides to find out who killed the neighbour's dog, his mystery story becomes more complicated than he could have ever predicted.

Weekend Wodehouse
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Wodehouse, P. G.

Weekend Wodehouse / P.G. Wodehouse ; introduction by Hilaire Belloc ... [et al.]

London : Arrow, 2012

Abstract: In the course of a career that encompassed nearly one hundred novels and short story collections (written over more than seventy years)

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Child, Lee

Tripwire / Lee Child

London : Bantam, 2012

Abstract: For Jack Reacher being invisible has become a habit. He spends his days digging swimming pools by hand and his nights as the bouncer in the local strip club in the Florida Keys. He doesn't want to be found. But someone has sent a private detective to seek him out. Then Reacher finds the guy beaten to death with his fingertips sliced off. It's time to head north and work out who is trying to find him and why

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Materiale linguistico moderno

Nesbø, Jo

Phantom / Jo Nesbø ; translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett

London : Harvill Secker, 2012

Abstract: The murder has been solved. But has justice been done? Harry Hole is back in Oslo. He's been away for some time, but his ghosts have a way of catching up with him. The case that brings him back is already closed. There is no room for doubt: the young junkie was shot dead by a fellow addict. The police don't want him back...Denied permission to reopen the investigation, Harry strikes out on his own. Beneath the city's eerie tranquillity, he discovers a trail of violence and mysterious disappearances seemingly unnoticed by the police. At every turn Harry is faced with a conspiracy of silence. The criminals don't want him back...Harry is not the only one who is interested in the case. From the moment he steps off the plane, someone is watching his every move and tracing his every call. Someone wants him silenced.

Amessage from a ghost
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Hutchinson, Andrea M.

Amessage from a ghost / Andrea M. Hutchinson ; illustrated by Franco Rivolli

Genoa ; London : Black cat, 2012

Casinò Royal
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Fleming, Ian

Casinò Royal / Ian Fleming ; with an introduction by Alan Judd

London : Vintage, 2012

Abstract: Surround yourself with human beings, my dear James. They are easier to fight for than principles.' In Casino Royale, the first of Fleming's 007 adventures, a game of cards is James Bond's only chance to bring down the desperate SMERSH agent Le Chiffre. But Bond soon discovers that there is far more at stake than money.

The casual vacancy
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Rowling, J. K.

The casual vacancy / J. K. Rowling

London : Little, Brown, 2012

Abstract: A BIG NOVEL ABOUT A SMALL TOWN ...When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, thè town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford ìs, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind thè pretty facade is a town at war.Rich at war with poor, teenagen at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils ... Pagford is not what ìt fìrst seems.And thè empty seat left by Barry on thè Parish Council soon becomes thè catalyst for thè biggest war thè town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected re velati ons?A big novel about a small town,The Casual Vacancy isJ.K. Rowling's first novel foradults. It is thè work of astoryteller like no other.

Paolo Facchinetti
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Facchinetti, Paolo <1953- >

Paolo Facchinetti / testi Dalmazio Ambrosioni, Virgilio Patarini

[Milano] : Giorgio Mondadori, 2012

Before I go to sleep
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Materiale linguistico moderno

Watson, S. J.

Before I go to sleep / S. J. Watson

London : Black Swan, 2012